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Round One: Screencap One

Title: Why Can't He Forget Her?
Pairing: Riley/Forrest implied
Disclaimer: I don't them...I wish.
Rating: Mature
Challenge: Round One: Screencap One
Summary: Forrest's thoughts on Riley (808 words total)

Look at him! Riley Finn. Isn't he gorgeous? He’s the kind of guy that doesn’t even realize just how sexy he is, and that just makes him sexier. Even when he is sick or wounded he is still so handsome that it hurts just to look at him. What I wouldn't give to be the one he wants to make love to, the one he can‘t wait to be with. But he's in such a hurry to get back to that blonde pain that he doesn't even notice me lingering in the background.

It wasn't always like this. Before she came along, he would never have not noticed me. We were a team; we did almost everything together. We went through basic training together. Hell we were even picked to join the Initiative at the same time. We've been friends for years. So to say that we know each other would be an understatement. I know everything about him. Or at least I thought I did until she showed up.

What he sees in her I'll never know. I mean other than the obvious of course. She's blonde with pretty green eyes, pert breasts and let's face it she has an ass that just won't quit. What red blooded American male wouldn't enjoy the view? Hell, even I wouldn't have said no at one time.

What pisses me off is that if it hadn’t been for my big mouth Riley might not have ever recognized that he liked the girl. When he asked me if I would really want to sleep with her I said hell yeah. Well, at the time I probably would have. She’s very mattressable.

I used to have this fantasy of me, the slayer and Riley in bed, our bodies wrapped around one another so tight that you couldn’t tell who was who. Fantasy, yeah right, they were more like wet dreams. I was really kind of hoping that they would come true one day. I feel differently now. She’s taken the one person that I want above all others. I really want to hate her. Although in a way I can’t blame her for wanting him. How could she not want him?

My eyes roam over his body, lingering on his magnificent chest. I want to pull him against me and kiss him until he forgets all about her. I want him so badly. My hands actually ache to glide across his smooth torso. I quickly shove them into my pockets to keep from reaching for him. He is so focused on getting to her that he doesn't even notice my discomfort. It just makes me sick to think that he is wasted on the slayer. She probably doesn't even realize just how lucky she is to have him.

I watch him leave his room in the infirmary without a backward glance. I just can't believe it. He's been injured and left weak from going through the withdrawal, which he suffered because of our late professor’s drugs, and still all he can think about is getting back to the slayer.

He is in such a hurry to find her that he can't even stop to button up his shirt first. I mean not that I’m not enjoying the view, because I am very much. I just wish that it entailed him walking towards me, instead of away from me, sliding the shirt down his arms with one of his come love me smiles lighting his face. It's the kind of smile that I’ve seen him give her one too many times for my tastes. But it's like I ceased to exist the moment that she stepped into his life. Not that we were ever lovers but at least before she came along I thought that I had some kind of hope that maybe... someday. Then here she comes with her skirts so short she might as well have written fuck me across her ass, and the boy was hooked. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what he has been thinking with, ever since. Not that I blame him any man would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind or possibly dead to resist what she’s offering. But that doesn’t mean he has to stay with her. Why can't he just fuck her and forget her? Doesn't he even care that I would be so much better for him than she could ever be?

I want to say something, anything to make him stay with me but I can't seem to be able to force my mouth to speak. So, I just silently watch him leave, desperate for the love that he wastes on her.

The End

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