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Title: Pretending
Pairing: Wes/Angel implied
Challenge: Screencap Four, Round One
Summary: Wes can pretend that Angel wants him, but that does make it real.
(A/N: This is very short. I just wanted to help out, so you had a entry for every Pic)

When he sleeps-I wondered if he knows how beautiful he looks.

You can barely tell it’s him, without the worry and sadness in his brown eyes.

He looks almost peaceful in his sleep and I pray that the victims of his past crimes don’t follow him in his dreams.

Does this sun warm his skin, would he mind if I walked over and touched his shoulder- just so I could tell?

Would his flesh, that is usually so cold, be warm?

Would he mind knowing, that all I ever think about, is touching him…feeling that skin?

I can’t imagine what it would be like to possess someone so beautiful, but as I sit here and watch him sleep-I can pretend that he is mine.

I can pretend that I’m the only one here, that when he opens his eyes, he’ll smile at me and say my name in that sleepy, knowing tone.

I can pretend all of this, but when he really opens those beautiful brown eyes…. I see it right away.

I see nothing but friendship as he tilts his head and he looks around, “Where are we, Wes?” he asks.

And reality comes crashing back
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