theskitty (theskitty) wrote in word_pictures,

Round Update

Alright lady's and gents, sorry about my long absense. Some real life issues and a very sick kitty have kept my from my keyboard. But never fear for I have returned. The numbers stand thus:

Screencap 1: 2 entries
Screencap 2: 2 entries
Screencap 3: 3 entries
Screencap 4: 0 entries
Screencap 5: 1 entry

In honor of my lovely birthday (today if anyone is interested) I've decided that this week will end round one. On saturday, the entries that we have will be judged. I'll have my talented friend galathea get working on some lovely graphics for the winners and we will be on to round two before you know it. I'll be sad though if we don't get any entries for screencap four before then though. I really liked that one. Maybe I'll write one myself, just for fun. ^_~ Happy writing!
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