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Title: My Lady by William Pratt
Fandom: Angel
Pairing/Characters: Spike/Drusilla
Author: vanya_elda
Rating: R
Words: 200
Summary: A poem William wrote for Drusilla after he found her with Angelus.
Author Note: Remember he was called 'William the Bloody' because his poetry was 'bloody awful' which I tried to do here.
Challenge: For screencap #5 from challenge 2

My Lady by William Pratt

Your mane of flowing chestnut is quite soft
The luscious scent of which doth waft
It is like the untainted blood of a virgin
The torturing touch of your killing kiss
Nothing short of the devil’s blooming bliss
My lady...
Lovelier than any plant that dare grows
He wraps his oafish arms around you
I’ll break the great tit’s nose

Cracking punch of a haughty hand
Leaves a telling bruising brand
Of my undying love for a rose now thorned
Gash splaying across my forlorn face
He thinks I’ve been put in my lonesome place
But my lady...
You lick my sanguine wound
A succulent sensation against blanched skin
In my deepest dreams we are merrily marooned

The busted ship has sapid sailors for drink
Swirls of crimson ecstasy turn your bodice of ivory to pink
It is a vivid vision to be upheld
We are together in a hush of tarry and time
Every moment swells with the shimmering sublime
Oh, my lady!
The love in a dead heart that I have for thee
It brings a telltale throb and reminds the philandering prat
Your wafting wiles are only meant for an ill-fated me

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