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One Of Those Days

Title: One Of Those Days
Pairing/character: Kendra
Disclaimer: I don't them...I wish.
Rating: PG-13
Challenge: Screencap One
Summary: Kendra's thoughts on the slayer. (348 word total)

It's been one of those days. The kind that makes you wish you'd stayed in bed. Well, in my case, it kind of makes me wish that I'd never gotten off the plane, here in Sunnydale, in the first place.

The first part of it, after arriving in this town, wasn't too bad. I had a fight with a very vicious vampire. Of course, I won. He's now in a cage and as soon as the sun comes up he will be dust. Waiting for the sun to come up, knowing that there is no escape will be pure torture for him. It will also be a very fitting end for such a monster.

But now I'm standing in front of this girl. She says her name is Buffy. She keeps insisting that she is the slayer. She doesn't look like a slayer. She's just so tiny. A puff of wind could probably knock her over. And she sure doesn’t look like she would stand a chance against even a fledgling vampire, much less an older one.

Besides up until a few minutes ago I would have sworn she was a vampire. How could I not think she was a vampire? I saw her kissing one. And she sure looked as if she was enjoying herself too. She wasn't with just any vampire either but the most evil one of them all. His name is Angelus; he's the same vampire that I left in the cage. A slayer wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere near him unless she had a stake handy. And she sure hadn't looked as if she would be staking him anytime soon.

There is just no way that she’s the slayer. In fact I know she can't be the slayer, because I'm the Slayer. I have been training for this all my life. It's not just my calling, it's my sacred duty. One that I am proud to uphold.

The End
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